work in NSW hospitality

Getting Back to Work in NSW Hospitality

May 6, 2022
NSW hospitality venues have been open for several months now and live music festivals are finally back on the event calendar. If you’ve been out of the hospitality game since the onset of COVID19, this quick blog is a brush up on what you need to get back to work.
NSW Construction Induction

Do I Need a NSW Construction Industry White Card?

March 11, 2022
One of the most common questions we get asked here at Vigil Training is ‘do I need a White Card?’. To help out, this brief article unpacks and explains (Q&A style) the different job roles that may require a NSW construction induction training course. Let’s start with age.
First Aid Certificate

Understanding First Aid Certificate Expiry Dates in NSW

March 3, 2022
First aid is a life skill that can empower your life both at home and at work. But how often should you do the course? Is it really necessary to do first aid training every year? This blog provides detailed answers to all your questions in an easy-to-navigate Q&A format.
RCG Competency Card

10 NSW Jobs That Need an RCG Competency Card

February 24, 2022
Ever wondered if you need an RCG competency card? If you hold any of these 10 job roles you will greatly benefit from responsible gambling training. This blog provides a quick overview of each job and the relevance of RCG. 1. Gaming Attendant Gaming attendants work with poker machines in the gaming rooms of pubs, […]
white card training

6 Reasons Why White Card Training is Essential for Construction

February 17, 2022
Construction industry White Card training is essential for anyone who regularly enters a building site in NSW, but have you ever wondered why you actually need the training? This blog unpacks the 6 essential safety skills you’ll learn during the course to stay safe while at work. REMEMBER: the skills you learn during the training […]

What is the NSW construction industry white card?

January 20, 2022
Construction is a high-risk industry, and in NSW all people who work on a construction site must undergo government-approved safety training. This is known as ‘White Card’ or ‘Construction Induction Training Card’. In today’s blog, we’ll be looking at the training course behind the construction industry white card
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