Do Hospitality staff need RSA and RCG Training?

Hospitality workers in NSW are required by law to hold a current RSA (Responsible Services of Alcohol) competency card when working at pubs, clubs, casinos, restaurants, and other venues that serve alcohol. And in some cases, where gambling Is present, they need to have completed RCG (Responsible Conduct of Gambling) training as well.


How to Apply for a Security Licence in NSW

Thinking about becoming a licenced security guard or crowd controller in NSW? This quick guide outlines the 9 essential steps to get your Class 1 A, C, E security licence and launch your career. Let’s go.

5 common myths about CPR providers

Common Myths About Becoming a CPR Provider

Have you been considering doing a CPR course but feeling a bit apprehensive? Many people have negative perceptions about the role and responsibility of CPR providers, so in today’s blog, we’ll be unpacking 5 common myths that may have been putting you off.

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