CPP20218 Certificate II in Security in security operations (Class 1 AC)

[This course address the academic requirements for the-Class 1AC Security Licence Course (NSW)
The course is designed for people seeking to start their career

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CPP20218 Certificate II in Security Operations 

CPP20218 Certificate II in Security Operations

This course addresses the academic requirements for

Class 1AC Security Licence Course (NSW).

This course is a mandatory requirement for all new entrants to the NSW Security Industry.

The course is suitable for people looking to obtain their NSW Class 1AC Security Licence and to work as a Security Officer. These security officer roles can include static guarding, patrolling, loss prevention, and crowd controllers.

NSW Security Class 1A Unarmed Guards: holders of this license class can perform various security officer duties, such as static, mobile patrol, watch and protect property, loss prevention including cash in transit without a guard dog or firearm.

 NSW Security Licence Class 1C Crowd Controller: holders of this license can perform the duties of a crowd controller on licensed premises, keeping order at a public place by screening the entry of people, monitoring or controlling the behaviour of people or removing people from the place.


(for expired security licence and qualification)

If you have an expired Security Licence and you want to come back to the industry, not a problem, the options are, Send us your previous certificates by email (Scanned copies) or take photos of your certificates and send it by SMS. We will find out how much amount of training you need.

We can help you to find the units of competency you need to obtain the 1A & C Security Licence.

You may get exemptions from the learning. which means you might need to complete the assessments only.

Yes, the credit transfers are available in Security courses.

Call the office on 86779062 or send your documents to info@vigiltrainingcollege.nsw.edu.au


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