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NSW First Aid Training Course Sydney
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HLTAID011 Provide First Aid:

The first aid training course will help you enhance your practical skills. Individuals will learn to perform first aid procedures and learn necessary skills for responding diligently in emergencies.
Master your basic first aid skills and learn how to respond to any emergency situation! No matter what skills you choose to learn, it's always a good idea to know first aid so you can help a loved one, stranger, or friend when there is no medical assistance. Unlike most other skills, first aid skills will never be outdated. Our first aid course in Sydney is meant for people who need to know the basics of first aid. Even though it is an online course, 4-hours of an in-class practical session are included to provide you with the practical training, and you will be assessed during these lessons on your ability to perform tasks on your own. The participants will cover basic first aid responses, injury management, incident and safety, along with the responsibilities of the first aider to manage a situation until the arrival of medical assistance. They will also be provided with a First Aid Certificate based on their practical performance.

First Aid Online

Created with adults and children, parents and teachers, scouts and coaches, camp leaders, and other parties in mind, our first aid courses online allow you to give others the help they need while awaiting the arrival of medical help. Start by registering for first aid training online. After registering, you will receive login details to your Student Portal, where you can finish your learning and assessments. The completion of the online modules and assessments is required. If you do not complete these modules prior to attending the classroom portion, you will not be allowed to participate, and refunds will not be offered. The duration of classroom-based training is four hours, and the sessions will assess your practical ability. To ensure maximum flexibility, we've designed all our first aid online courses with highly interactive modules, which you can take in virtually any order.

First Aid Online Training

Our first aid online course teaches workers how to provide first aid for a variety of emergency situations. You will learn how to assess victims of accidents and call for emergency services, perform CPR, and manage wounds. This awareness-level course is available online and comes with an official first aid certification. We also provide a 4-hour practical hands-on in-class training that makes you eligible for the same-day first aid certificate online.

First Aid Course for Childcare Online

Our first aid courses online are ideal for employees of establishments who are required to complete first aid training to prepare for emergencies on the premises. Anyone interested in expanding their knowledge in basic first aid for children can benefit from our first aid course for childcare online. When you enrol in our first aid courses online, you will learn how to do the following:
  • Evaluate the condition of a victim
  • Understand how and when to contact emergency medical services
  • Learn how to provide first aid in different emergency situations
  • Use the materials and equipment necessary for first aid care

First Aid Certificate Online

Vigil Training College’s first aid online classes provide you with the knowledge and skills to respond to various medical emergencies, helping those in need achieve the best possible outcomes. All you need to do is to sign up for our course now and spend a few hours of your time studying to get your certification. Same-day certification is available (upon completing the 4-hour in-class session)! Call +61 1800 97 97 66 for more information.

Why Choose Vigil Training College for Your NSW First Aid Course?​

Vigil Training College is well-known for providing excellent training courses to its students that will help them stand out. Virgil Training College will cater to your needs and will help to achieve your training goals. Our experienced trainers will guide you throughout this course and teach you practical skills required to perform your duties as first aid officer in your workplace.

Who should opt for this course?​

The First Aid Training course is for anyone interested in learning skills to perform first aid response during a medical emergency until the paramedics arrive. If you are a person interested in performing lifesaving duties, then this is the perfect course for you.

Workplace Requirements:

You can work as a first aid officer at your workplace and provide first aid to your colleagues. The first aid course is a compulsory requirement to perform the duties of a first aid officer at your workplace. If you are interested in stepping up as a first aid officer, then you must complete first aid training and obtain your first aid certificate.

The First Aid course is ideal for anyone working in an industry that may respond to an accident or injury and is required to provide first aid, e.g., persons working in hospitality, construction, healthcare, childcare, job sites, offices, or security.

Training is available in Sydney CBD or Parramatta!
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Course Pre-Requisites

There are no formal prerequisites for the First Aid Course.

However, students enrolling in this course must meet the following criteria:

  • Provide a valid photo ID upon enrolment (Driver's License, Photo Card, or Passport)
  • Provide a valid USI Number
  • Have basic computer skills; and
  • Have access to the resources required (see list below).

Resources Required:

Students enrolling in this course must have access to the following resources:

  • Laptop/Computer
  • Internet
  • Acrobat Reader or similar program

If you do not have access to the resources mentioned above, call our Student Support Team on 1800 97 97 66 before enrolling. 

Course Structure

This course consists of both e-learning and in-class training. Students are required to complete e-learning prior to attending in-class practical training.


The e-learning components requires 5 – 10 hours of online learning and online assessments, that you must complete prior to attending classroom-based training. Upon completion of enrolment, you will receive logins to your “Student Portal”, where you can complete your learning & assessments.

The completion of your online learning and assessments is compulsory. If you do not complete this prior to attending classroom training, you will not be allowed to attend, and refunds may not be granted.

Classroom-based Study

The duration of the classroom-based training is four (4) hours. The classroom-based training will provide you with practical training and you will also be assessed during these sessions through your practical performance.

Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this course, you will receive a Statement of Attainment (SOA) certificate for the following nationally recognised units of competency

  1. HLTAID011 Provide First Aid
  2. HLTAID009 Provide cardiopulmonary resuscitation

HLTAID011 supersedes HLTAID003 and HLTAID009 supersedes HLTAID001 – Read more on Training Gov here.

Receiving your Certificate

You will generally receive the Statement of Attainment (SOA) the same working day from the date of completion via email. If the class was held on the weekend, the certificate would be received the following business day.

Course Procedure

Students can access the Student Handbook, Course Flyer and Fee Refund policy through our website prior to enrolment.

Students can then enrol into the course via our website. Once you have successfully enrolled, the process will be as follows:

  1. Students will receive a booking confirmation via email and logins to their “Student Portal”.
  2. Students will be required to login to their Student Portal and complete their e-learning and online assessments. Students will be required to complete the e-learning and online assessments, prior to attending the in-class training. The completion of this is mandatory and if students fail to complete this, they will not be allowed to attend in-class training (refunds are not granted). If students require assistance in accessing their account or have any questions about the learning material and assessments, they can call or email our friendly staff.
  3. Students will then attend in-class practical training, for 4 hours. We will then assess students for CPR skills and First Aid Procedures skills, through demonstration and questioning to confirm essential knowledge. For assessment purposes, demonstration of skills in CPR procedures requires using a model of the human body (resuscitation manikin), in line with ARC Guidelines.

Once students have successfully completed their in-class training, they will be issued with an SOA, the next business day from the course completion date.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the First Aid Certificate valid?

The First Aid Certificate is valid for 3 years and the CPR Certificate is valid for 1 year. Read more about the expiry dates here.

What does a first aid training course offer?

Upon completing this course, you will receive a Statement of Attainment (SOA) for the following units:

  1. HLTAID009 Provide cardiopulmonary resuscitation
  2. HLTAID011 Provide First Aid

You will learn the following during your course:

  1. Respond to an emergency
  2. Apply appropriate first aid procedures
  3. Communicate details of the incident
  4. Review the incident

What resources will be provided for this course?

Vigil Training College will provide all learning and assessment materials for the theory via the online learning portal. All required practical-related resources will be provided, including a CPR Mannequin, First Aid Kits, EpiPens, etc.

Why study First Aid?

Studying first aid helps you to act as a dynamic individual during emergencies. You will have the skills and knowledge to act promptly during emergency and perform lifesaving procedure until the paramedics arrive.

What will I learn in a first aid training course?

You will be an active member of the first aid community. You will learn to deal with emergencies. You will provide first aid facilities in different workplaces. You will also learn to perform CRP correctly and report risks and incidents effectively.

What are the job prospects after first aid qualification?

You are needed in every institution wherever there is an emergency. No matter if it is a hospital, school, house, or a restaurant. Individuals in crises need a qualified first aider like you to survive!

What is my future as a first aider?

Almost, a million Australians are admitted to hospitals every year. The need for first aiders is increasing day by day. Enrol now and be a reason for someone’s survival.

Course Batches

Training Begins Location Price
June 29, 2024
9am to 1pm
Parramatta $119 Add to Cart
July 5, 2024
1pm to 5pm
Parramatta $119 Add to Cart
July 20, 2024
9am to 1pm
Parramatta $119 Add to Cart
August 3, 2024
9am to 1pm
Parramatta $119 Add to Cart
August 9, 2024
1pm to 5pm
Parramatta $119 Add to Cart
August 17, 2024
9am to 1pm
Parramatta $119 Add to Cart
August 31, 2024
9am to 1pm
Parramatta $119 Add to Cart
September 13, 2024
1pm to 5pm
Parramatta $119 Add to Cart
September 28, 2024
9am to 1pm
Parramatta $119 Add to Cart
October 18, 2024
1pm to 5pm
Parramatta $119 Add to Cart
November 22, 2024
1pm to 5pm
Parramatta $119 Add to Cart

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