What Does an Aged Care Worker Do?

May 9, 2022
What Does an Aged Care Worker Do?

Aged care is one of the largest and most rapidly growing occupations in Australia. With almost 55,000 new jobs emerging over a five-year period (2020-2025), plus massive training subsidies from the NSW government, there has never been a better time to get trained up for this rewarding career.

In today’s blog, we’ll be taking a quick look at the roles and responsibilities of aged care workers in NSW, as well as the courses and certifications you’ll need to get a job.

Job Role

Aged care workers provide personal services to elderly people. It’s a holistic job role because you are helping someone in all areas of their life including physical health, home care, social wellbeing, and family connections.

It’s a great occupation for extroverts and people who are friendly and compassionate. Many elderly people suffer from mobility problems and may not get out much, so you’ll likely become an important part of their life. And in some cases, may actually live with your client.

1. Personal Care

At the foundation of all aged care work is the personal care of your clients. This includes:

  • Housekeeping: cooking and preparing meals, assisting with eating, vacuuming, and mopping, dusting, laundry, making beds, tidying closets, and washing up.
  • Personal hygiene: bathing and showering, dressing and changing clothes, oral hygiene, shaving, toileting and assisting with continence aids.
  • Manual handling: transferring from bed to chair, assisting in and out of vehicles.

Your focus while performing personal care duties is to allow your clients to retain as much independence as possible, and always honour their dignity.

2. Tasks and Errands

Another important area of aged care work is helping clients with everyday tasks, errands, and paperwork. You could be making doctor’s appointments, buying home supplies, collecting prescriptions from the chemist, helping with paperwork for pensions and rebates, paying bills, sorting out WIFI problems, and feeding animals.

As a client’s health deteriorates they will rely on you more and more, so you may transition from taking your client to the supermarket to buying groceries on their behalf.

3. Companionship

Many elderly people live alone and may feel increasingly isolated, lonely, and depressed. As an aged care worker, you’ll be become a trusted companion, friend, and emotional support to your clients.

There are many fun and enjoyable things you can do together like playing board games, watching movies, crafting, solving puzzles, light gardening, reading, or just chatting about common interests and current events.

What Does an Aged Care Worker Do?

4. Social Wellbeing

Helping elderly people maintain social connections is a key part of your role. Whether it’s a trip to the local bowling club, being an escort on an outing with friends, or taking a walk in the park, your services will greatly enhance your client’s overall health and wellbeing.

5. Family Support

Aged care workers generally build strong relationships with clients and their families. This is especially important when family members live a long way from loved ones or if clients are suffering chronic illness or dementia.

Family members will rely on you for information about their love one’s overall health and wellbeing, impacts of medication, deterioration in mobility or cognitive function, and overall emotional state.

It’s such an important occupation as your involvement and services can greatly improve (and increase) a client’s lifespan.

Aged Care Training

Does aged care sound like the industry for you? You can become an Aged Care worker in NSW by completing the Certificate III in Individual Support (Ageing, Home and Community). This nationally recognised qualification can be completed at your own pace online, over 12 months.


To work in aged care in NSW you require the following certifications:

  • National Police Certificate (NPC)
  • COVID19 Vaccination Certificate
  • First Aid Certificate

Some residential aged care facilities and hospitals may require you to have:

  • Annual flu vaccination
  • Manual handling certificate (safe lifting and carrying training)

Ready for Your Aged Care Certificate?

If you’re keen to take the first step into a rewarding career with excellent job prospects, why not enrol in the Certificate III in Individual Support (Ageing, Home and Community) at Vigil Training College.

You can complete your aged care course online and you’ll be supported by qualified trainers with real-world experience. Get started today.

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What Does an Aged Care Worker Do?
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What Does an Aged Care Worker Do?What Does an Aged Care Worker Do?
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