Benefits of Responsible Service of Alcohol

Getting drunk and indecent drunken behaviour in clubs and bars in various parts of Australia is commonplace. To control this, licensed premises in the country mandatorily employ only those staff persons who are qualified in responsible service of alcohol. Thus, if you wish to make your career in hospitality industry as bar staff, airline staff, waiting staff, licensee, or even manager or caterer, you need to undergo the particular training.

Responsible service of alcohol in Blacktown by Vigil Training College aims at creating a less harmful drinking culture in the city. Here are the benefits of responsible service of alcohol to the community:

  • Augments safety within the premises for guests and members
  • Overall pleasant and agreeable atmosphere in the club for everyone
  • Enables the staff to handle and control difficult customers efficiently
  • Excessive consumption can be controlled, thus making sure guests remain safe
  • Minimises the risk of alcohol-related harm within the premises, which can cause damage to the club property as well as harm to guests and members
  • Club maintains a good name in the community and witnesses decent footfall
  • Probable legal problems related to alcohol-related mischief can be avoided
  • Police attendant or bouncers won’t be required in much strength

Responsible service of alcohol in Blacktown will help you shine in your career. Here is how you can get qualified for responsible service of alcohol if you wish to work in a club:

  • You need to have basic literacy and numeracy skills. Literacy skills are required to read and understand documents like ID cards of guests and members. Numeracy skills are required to measure standard drinks and calculate blood alcohol levels.
  • You have to get yourself enrolled for refresher course with an approved RSA training provider like Vigil Training College.
  • Course will be administered to you in a classroom setting face to face and its duration will be at least 6 hours.
  • Along with understanding strategies to handle, control, and advise customers, you will learn basic concepts about responsible service of alcohol and know more about alcoholic beverages.

Responsible service of alcohol will not only help you in handling your customers well and carrying on your duties in a better way, it is also mandatory or staff at many liquor-serving places. To make yourself eligible and competent for the job, consider getting certified for responsible service of alcohol in Blacktown and Penrith.