Do Hospitality staff need RSA and RCG Training?

November 29, 2021
Do Hospitality staff need RSA and RCG Training?

Hospitality workers in NSW are required by law to hold a current RSA (Responsible Services of Alcohol) competency card when working at pubs, clubs, casinos, restaurants, and other venues that serve alcohol. And in some cases, where gambling Is present, they need to have completed RCG (Responsible Conduct of Gambling) training as well.

In today’s blog, we’ll quickly unpack RSA and RCG for hospitality staff: what they are when you need them, and how to make sure you do the right course. Let’s start by taking a look at why people who sell and serve alcohol in NSW need an RSA competency card.

Alcohol and the community

Alcohol is a substance with an enormous social cost to Australians. It is estimated that each year the misuse of alcohol costs the Australian community more than $14.35 billion, with the biggest impacts experienced by business and productivity, traffic accidents, and the criminal justice system.

One of the ways that state governments around Australia reduce the harm caused by alcohol consumption is to ensure that it is sold and served by people who have been properly trained.

Because alcohol affects people in different ways, servers need to be able to help their customers drink within appropriate limits and recognise if they are becoming intoxicated.

NSW Responsible Service of Alcohol

The government in NSW has strict criteria for the delivery and contents of responsible service of alcohol courses. And as a student you can expect to learn how to:

  • Serve alcohol according to standard drink sizes.
  • Recognise customers who may be intoxicated.
  • Undertake appropriate ID checks.
  • Refuse service to intoxicated patrons and minors.
  • Work according to your venue’s house policy, enforcing NSW liquor laws.

NEED AN RSA COMPETENCY CARD: why not download our RSA course brochure before enrolling.

Do Hospitality staff need RSA and RCG Training?

Responsible Conduct of Gambling (RCG) explained

RCG training in NSW is mandatory for people who work at casinos and licensed venues that allow patrons to gamble. Legalised gambling in NSW can range from Club Keno, poker machines, TAB, and sports betting.

Like alcohol, gambling addiction and problem behavior can have enormous costs to a person’s wellbeing and mental health, not to mention their family and the wider community.

Accordingly, RCG training will teach you how to:

  • Recognise signs of problem gambling.
  • Help patrons (or their families) exclude (ban) themselves from gambling at the venue.
  • Refuse gambling services to patrons who are underage, intoxicated, or excluded.

Do Hospitality staff need RSA and RCG Training?

Getting your RSA and RCG in NSW

One of the most important things to remember when enrolling in an RSA or RCG course is to make sure you are doing the right course for your location. Every state and territory in Australia has different laws and government agencies that regulate the sale and consumption of alcohol, as well as gambling activities. So, as you can imagine, each state has different training requirements too.

Some important things to remember are:

  • RSA and RCG training in NSW can only be delivered by a government approved training provider. When choosing a provider, look for a provider with the "Approved Training Provider" Logo, like the one on Vigil's website.
  • RSA and RCG certificates from other states are not accepted by NSW venues.
  • Training providers will issue you with an RSA or RCG Interim Certificate, you’ll then need to apply for your RSA or RCG competency card with Liquor & Gaming NSW.

Benefits of obtaining your RSA and RCG competency card

Hospitality can be a transient industry, and bar stewards and wait staff often work at multiple venues. Having both RSA and RCG can certainly increase your employability, especially if the venue where you work has poker machines or provides gambling services (Keno, TAB).

Your RSA and RCG competency card will be recognised by all licensed venues in NSW including bottleshops, clubs, pubs, casinos, and restaurants — even mobile catering, events, and festivals that provide alcohol. Having a current RSA and RCG card can be especially handy if a new employer or agency needs you to ‘start tonight’.

Next steps

Vigil Training is a Liquor & Gaming NSW-approved RSA and RCG training provider, and our courses are delivered face-to-face. This means you’ll be in a room with qualified trainers and other students so you can practice your new skills in a range of simulated role-play situations. For more information check out our detailed RSA & RCG course pages with full list of upcoming course dates.

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Do Hospitality staff need RSA and RCG Training?
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Do Hospitality staff need RSA and RCG Training?Do Hospitality staff need RSA and RCG Training?
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