Responsible Service of Alcohol in Sydney

Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) certificate is compulsory by law before offering duty of care to patrons in liquor licensed sites such as hotels, restaurants, bars, pubs, cafés, etc. Look for a Nationally Registered Organisation that offers training for Responsible Service of Alcohol in Sydney so that you can begin working immediately on completion of the course. The certification program is short but very important to educate you on the health and safety procedures. The course is also referred to as RSA course and offers important skills related to the responsible service of alcohol as per the State/Territory legislation.

All staff who are involved in the service of alcohol must complete RSA course. One gets the education in responsible service of alcohol, the legislative framework as well as Alcohol Guidelines for low-risk drinking. The students also learn how to prevent intoxication and underage drinking. The training for Responsible Service of Alcohol in Sydney are held face to face, and one gets an Interim Certificate on completion of the course. Pubs, bars, and communities have become more aware of the social problems related to alcohol abuse. They feel legally and morally responsible for taking care of their guests and want them to enjoy themselves in a safe environment.

It is the obligation of the clubs and bars to meet the requirements under the Liquor Control Reform Act 1998 and minimise the risks related to alcohol. The Responsible Serving of Alcohol training program helps these liquor licensed premises to develop clear policies and procedures for the service of alcohol. The staff carries the knowledge and awareness to serve alcohol responsibly. By avoiding such problems that are often caused by intoxicated members and guests, the overall atmosphere of the club is kept positive and pleasant. Moreover, the clubs enjoy a good reputation in the community. Any potential legal problems too are kept at bay.

Responsible Service of Alcohol certificate helps the club members and visitors feel safe and confident. It is recommended that the clubs have at least one RSA trained person if serving alcohol. RSA training has become an important part of a risk management strategy at these liquor licensed sites. For any irresponsible service of alcohol, the staff and their patrons can be penalised under the Liquor Act 2007. The measure of the fine will depend on the particular offence and one can also face mandatory suspension of licence. As liquor legislation differs with different state and territory, one will have to check with the licensing authority of their state