5 Reasons Why Every Childcare Worker Should Have a First Aid Certificate

October 26, 2023
5 Reasons Why Every Childcare Worker Should Have a First Aid Certificate

Children and infants are at a higher risk for accidents and emergencies. Every day, different emergencies occur in households, and many a times children are left alone at home with a babysitter. With parents toiling hard for the well-being of their children, they are looking for childcare workers who have taken a first aid course in Sydney to ensure the safety of their kids when they are away at work or other engagements. Here are a few reasons why every childcare worker must be CPR and first aid certified.

Identify the Signs of Choking

Choking is an emergency that occurs instantly and, if unprepared, can lead to fatal situations. As a babysitter, when you undergo first aid training, you will learn how to support choking victims and help save their lives. You will be trained to use an automated external defibrillator that helps assist both conscious and unconscious choking victims, especially infants.

Provide Immediate First Aid

Children may often suffer from bone or muscle injuries, trauma, and seizures. If you have undergone basic first aid training, it helps you to administer immediate first aid to the child. You can assist when there are allergic issues or issues when dealing with hot or cold beverages, and more. When the parents know that you are trained to respond to emergencies immediately, they will have great peace of mind.

You Know When to Call Emergency

Getting CPR and first aid training equips with the essential life-saving skills when a child is in an emergency. You will also learn to analyse when the situation is critical and when you should get extra help. First aid courses online offer you the knowledge to make sure you understand when to call the emergency line while babysitting before the issue escalates beyond your control.

You Will Understand When a Victim Needs Assistance

There is no guarantee that each babysitting appointment will go smoothly and sometimes emergencies happen. For instance, if a child is allergic to peanuts and suffers from an episode under your care, the situation will worsen if you are not equipped with the necessary first aid skills. First aid training provides you with the basic knowledge and skills to identify the symptoms in an emergency and hone the appropriate skills needed to deal with the emergency. With CPR and first aid training, you will have a better understanding of when a child needs emergency assistance.

Evaluate the Severity of an Emergency

Time is essential when dealing with an emergency! Just standing there doing nothing and waiting till medical assistance arrives can push the child’s life into danger. If you have undergone first aid training, you can understand the signs of an emergency immediately and seek the help of the right resources to prevent any dangers. You will know how to respond to the ‘worst-case’ scenario and provide the exact support needed.

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5 Reasons Why Every Childcare Worker Should Have a First Aid Certificate
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5 Reasons Why Every Childcare Worker Should Have a First Aid Certificate5 Reasons Why Every Childcare Worker Should Have a First Aid Certificate
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