HLTAID001 Provide cardiopulmonary resuscitation

This unit of competency describes the skills and knowledge required to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) in line with the Australian Resuscitation Council (ARC) Guidelines.

This unit applies to all workers who may be required to provide CPR in a range of situations, including community and workplace settings.

The course is open for anyone working in any kind of industry response to provide a safe workplace to meet the obligations in case of accident or injury e.g. persons working in hospitality, construction, healthcare, childcare, job sites, offices, security and for those who want to gain knowledge and learn these lifesaving skills

Prerequisites for Course

There is no prerequisite for this unit, however, training packages describe the candidates must have Foundation Skills (language, literacy and numeracy) that are essential to perform oral communication to make an accurate verbal report to emergency response services and workplace supervisor.

Course Duration and Delivery Method:

Comprising 2-3 hours of self-study (no self-study is required for students doing CPR refresher training) and pre-assessment; and 3 – 3.5 hours of classroom-based practical training, theory and practical assessment.

Course outcome:

The HLTAID001 Provide cardiopulmonary resuscitation unit of competency is derived from the HLT Health Training Package and is accepted by WorkCover.

On successful completion of this training program, a Statement of Attainment in HLTAID001 Provide cardiopulmonary resuscitation will be issued to the participants. Students will receive their Statement of Attainment within five working days from the date of completion of the course through express post.

Australian Resuscitation Council (ARC) guidelines indicate that a (Cardiopulmonary resuscitation) CPR qualification should be renewed every 12 months and that a First Aid qualification should be renewed every 3 years.

Refresher Course

Refresher course requires 3 – 3.5 hours of classroom-based practical training, theory and practical assessment. There is no pre-study required. Students attending CPR refresher course are advised to bring their current certificate.

The competencies to be achieved during the training program:

  • Recognise an emergency
  • Identify, assess and minimise immediate hazards to health and safety of self and others
  • Assess the casualty and recognise the need for CPR
  • Seek assistance from emergency response services
  • Learn the correct procedure for performing CPR and use of Automated External Defibrillator (AED)
  • Accurately conveying incident details to emergency response services
  • Reporting details of the incident to workplace supervisor as appropriate
  • Maintaining confidentiality of records and information in line with statutory and/or organisational policies

Assessments and Course Procedure

Submit an expression of interest to the advertised course by contacting through our website, email or on phone

  • Be provided with the Students handbook, a copy of the Course Flyer and the Enrolment Form.
  • Be enrolled in the course, through completion of the Enrolment form
  • Get confirmed your enrolment through email receipt or phone call by our staff.
  • Be issued with the learning materials for the course (Provide CPR manual and CPR workbook)
  • Participants need to use the workbook in conjunction with manual and required to answer each question in the corresponding section of the workbook.
  • Completed workbook needs to be returned to prior or on the day to your attendance at the practical course components. This is mandatory if the workbook is not completed before the course the participant will not be able to attend the classroom training session.
  • During classroom training, all the candidates will be assessed for skills in performing CPR procedures through demonstration and with questioning to confirm essential knowledge.
  • For assessment purposes, demonstration of skills in CPR procedures requires using a model of the human body (resuscitation manikin) in line with Australian Resuscitation Council Guidelines.


Participants seeking further training options to enhance their skill set such as HLTAID007 Provide advanced resuscitation or may undertake a range of qualifications from the HLT Health Training Package.

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

Vigil Training College offers RPL in HLTAID001 Provide cardiopulmonary resuscitation course. Candidates seeking the RPL in this course please see details into the Students Handbook about the RPL process.

Dress Code

Due to nature of course with plenty of practical exercises the participants are advised to wear casual comfortable attire. Due to the nature of practical exercises, skirts or dresses are not considered appropriate.

License Number

ACT Security M/L No: 17502681

Course Fee:

Cost $85 per participant. All discounts and special rates apply as published on our website.

Fee refund:

See detailed Fee Refund Policy in Students Handbook or student pre-enrolment information section of our website.

Location and timing:

Please check the course calendar at our website or contact Vigil Training College for further information

What to Bring on the day of Class

Please bring a photo ID on the day of class to confirm your identification.

How can I enrol?

You can enrol in our courses

Online Enrolment: You can enrol and pay online. Visit our website www.vigiltrainingcollege.nsw.edu.au and follow the enrolment procedure.

Phone / Fax / Email: Call us on PH: 1800 9797 66 to obtain the course information pack or download the information pack form our website. Fill the form and send back to us along with all the relevant documents through email/fax/post or drop in to submit it.

For further information or Assistance

Please Contact Vigil Training College

PH: 1800 9797 66

Address: Suite – 23, Level – 2, 50 Benjamin Way, ACT, 2617

RTO ID: 40877

Email: info@vigiltrainingcollege.nsw.edu.au

Web: www.vigiltrainingcollege.nsw.edu.au

ABN: 57 145 992 445

Note: We do not offer this course to international student visa holders.

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