5 Important Tips on Choosing the Right HSR Training Course in NSW

June 22, 2022
5 Important Tips on Choosing the Right HSR Training Course in NSW

Are you looking to undergo HSR training in NSW? We know that this can be a daunting prospect because there are many different ways that training courses can be conducted. Health and safety is an extremely important consideration for organizations, so it is crucial that you pick the right training course for both you and the organization that you are representing.

We are here to give you five tips on choosing the right HSR training course in NSW.

1. Consider What Type of Learner You are

There are different ways that training courses can be conducted. You will first need to consider what type of environment you learn best in. Classroom training is one method and can be effective if you learn best with other learners around you in a classroom environment.

However, if the disruptions of a classroom will affect your learning, there is also the method of online learning to consider, it may be a better option for you. If you prefer to stay in the comfort of your own home, you can join zoom sessions that are booked in advance. There is also the option of getting training delivered at your venue if you think you will learn best in a familiar environment with people that you know around you.

2. Pick Your Timing

The HSR training course is a five-day course that runs for 8 hours each day. This is quite a bit of time to take off work, so you need to make sure that the course you pick is not going to put you behind too much. Ensure that you pick a health and safety representative course that is not going to clash with any important things you have on, and ensure that it is during a week where you are not too busy with other things.

It would be counterproductive to miss important projects and deadlines at work while you are undergoing your health and safety training as you would need to catch up on them the next week, risking slipping further behind. Many providers will offer the HSR training course on many different dates throughout the year. Vigil Training College for example offers one course each month, giving you plenty of course dates to choose from, meaning you will have time to plan ahead.

3. Decide Whereabouts You Want to Carry out Your Course

Because the HSR training course is offered by many different providers, there will be multiple locations for you to choose from in NSW. If there is no course offered in your town, it is important to pick a convenient location for you that will be easy and cost effective to get to. However, you will have to take the week off work anyway so another option is to take this course somewhere you have never been before, giving you a change of scenery at the same time!

Providers such as Vigil Training College offer this course face-to-face as well as on Zoom, so if you do not have the resources to travel then do not stress. Vigil Training College can also deliver this health and safety representative course at their clients’ venues, so if your organization wants a number of their workers to complete this course and wants to make it easy then Vigil Training College will come to you.

4. Ensure You will have Quality Training and Support

When choosing the right HSR training course, it is important to pick somewhere that will deliver quality training and support. This is essential to being able to get the full benefits of health and safety training, and to be able to apply what you have learnt throughout your life. One way to distinguish the quality of education providers is to look at their track record and references.

Vigil Training College has over 800 Google reviews with a 5-star rating, a testament to their successful training and support. In ensuring that you will have quality support it is also good to check who you can contact if you need help with the course. That way, you can be secure in knowing you always have someone to help you if you get stuck.

5. Double Check What Course You Need to Do

There are two courses that you can do during your health and safety training. The five-day HSR training course is required for new health and safety representatives. There is also an option for a HSR refresher training course. This is only available to those who have previously completed the five-day initial HSR training course.

It is recommended that the HSR refresher course is completed once a year to get the most out of your health and safety training and continue with your learning.

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5 Important Tips on Choosing the Right HSR Training Course in NSW
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5 Important Tips on Choosing the Right HSR Training Course in NSW5 Important Tips on Choosing the Right HSR Training Course in NSW
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