5 Benefits of Being a Mental Health First Aider

June 25, 2022
5 Benefits of Being a Mental Health First Aider

Most people reading this will at least know one person who has gone through mental health struggles in their life. Maybe that person is even you. Many people can feel helpless in a situation where someone they know is struggling with mental health and not know what they can do to make things better.

Mental health first aid training is an incredible opportunity to learn the simple, practical first aid skills required to help those around you who are experiencing mental health problems. Vigil Training College offers quality training where you can learn about the signs and symptoms of mental health problems in adults and how to provide initial help, or when you need to refer someone to a health professional. You can learn more about this course here.

There are endless benefits to becoming a mental health first aider. It is something that you will never regret. If this sounds like something you might be interested in, then keep reading to learn about even more benefits of being a mental health first aider.

1. Be Able to Spot Early Warning Signs

You could make a real difference in someone’s life by being able to recognise the warning signs of declining mental health and be able to step in. By being able to spot the early warning signs, you can really change the outcome of a situation. This is such an important skill to have because people tend to ignore the signs of declining mental health because it is not something we can see very easily.

2. You Can Make a Real Difference

Completing a mental health first aid course means that you can make a real difference in the lives of the people you help and the community with the work you do. Being a mental health first aider means you can help someone with developing or current mental health problems, and you will be able to have a supportive conversation or decide when professional health is needed. Mental health training will give you the skills to prevent a person’s mental health from deteriorating and could ultimately save a life.

3. Reduce the Stigma Around Mental Health

Although conversations around mental health have started to increase over the past few years, there is still an underlying stigma that exists. Being a mental health first aider means that you are a prominent person that people know they can talk to about any mental health issues they may be facing. You can encourage an open conversation to help change the way mental health is perceived.

At Vigil Training College, you will learn all the skills you need to be able to be that support person. The course covers a number of developing mental health problems, as well as a number of mental health crisis situations, so you will be extremely knowledgeable in your pursuit to normalise mental health.

4. You will be Able to Understand People Better

By being a mental health first aider and gaining a wide range of knowledge about different mental health problems and crisis situations, you will be able to understand people and what they are going through much better. People tend to ignore their mental health, or they tend to project onto other people if they are having internal struggles.

You will develop a new sense of empathy for people and the struggles that they are going through. An amazing benefit of becoming a mental health first aider is that you will be able to help those closest to you. The feeling of not knowing what you can do to help someone you love that is going through a tough time is not a pleasant feeling. Doing mental health training will enable you to be that go-to person for your loved ones and be able to extend your knowledge to them.

5. Understand Yourself Better

Becoming a mental health first aider is an invaluable skill to have in everyday life. You may have experienced a mental health struggle at some point in your life. If so, you will be well versed in the struggle to communicate properly to those around you how you are feeling, and how people can help you.

Doing a mental health training course like the one at Vigil Training College will give you the skills to understand yourself better and be able to ask for help, or even help yourself, when you need it. You will also learn how to look after your own mental health and wellbeing. This is a crucial skill to have in the fast-paced and often stressful world that we live in.

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5 Benefits of Being a Mental Health First Aider
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5 Benefits of Being a Mental Health First Aider5 Benefits of Being a Mental Health First Aider
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