White Card Courses in Sydney

Safe Work Australia has developed a National Code of Practice for the Construction Industry and the purpose behind was to set a standard for consistent delivery of offering induction training throughout Australia for the workers. Undergoing the National Code of Practice ensured that the construction workers have completed the training courses that are recognised nationally. As the code of practice is maintained by a unit within the CPC08 Construction, Plumbing and Integrated Services Training Package, the Training is delivered in the Vocational Education and Training by RTO.

The construction industry in NSW has seen significant growth in the past decade. Economic experts project the growth to be faster here than the Rest of Australia and among different industry sectors. The residential building constructions is expected to see a comeback after a prolonged slump in 2013-14. Clearly, one is marching towards a more informed and skilled marketplace offering attractive venues for the capital providers as well as workers. It only points to the growing need and importance of White Card Courses.

The different coloured cards and regulatory bodies will get replaced by the White Card Course. The gradual transition will take place in each state at different times. The unit of competency has been established to meet the necessities of the National Code of Practice for Induction for Construction Work. The student gets a statement of attainment and the White Card License when he or she completes the unit of competency. Currently, most of the states in Australia have legislation and regulations regarding the general safety induction courses.

The White Card Courses in Sydney are aimed at all workers who are responsible for carrying out construction work and these comprise of labourers, apprentices, self-employed persons, project managers and supervisors. Students will imbibe information related to workplace safety and how to prevent injury. The White Card Courses also educate on worker’s compensation and workplace injury management. The content of the course offers an explanation of OHS legislative requirements. The students learn about the construction hazards and control measures as well as about OHS communication and reporting processes.

Once you get the White Card License, there is no expiry. Anyone above the age of 14 can complete the course and one will need a White Card before working on any construction site and these include working as bricklayers, labourers, glaziers, lift mechanics, scaffolders, carpenters, tilers, welders, electricians, etc. With the introduction the White Card courses, there has been some level of confusion amongst the public and the providers. Look for reliable service providers for the White Card Courses in Sydney who will deliver value for money. Aim for a fast turnaround of your white card licence and get meaningful online training experience with no hidden costs. The National White Card is acknowledged in each state, and therefore you can easily look for cross borders for work. In case you lose your White Card, you can ask for a reissue from your training provider.