NSW Security Licensing Course Class 1AC

CPP20212 Cert II in Security Operations


[This Security Course address the academic requirements for the-Class 1AC Security Licence Course (NSW)]

The security course is designed for people seeking to start their career as Security Officers and obtain the NSW Class 1AC Security Licence. Roles performed by people with these licence classes include static guarding, patrolling, loss prevention, and crowd controllers.

This course is a mandatory requirement for all new entrants to the NSW Security Industry.


Pre-requisites required for NSW Security

Licensing Course


There are no formal educational requirements for this program however to obtain NSW security license, the Security Licensing & Enforcement Directorate (SLED) of NSW Police who is responsible for the administration of NSW security licensing activities requires that the candidates must:


  • be 18 years of age or over.
  • be a fit and proper person to hold the class of licence sought;
  • have the relevant competencies and experience required;
  • have successfully completed the required training         (including assessment);
  • be competent to carry on the security activity to which the proposed licence relates;
  • be an Australian/New Zealand citizen or permanent  Australian resident or hold a visa that entitles them  to work in Australia(other than a student or working  holiday visa), and obtain either an NSW Driver Licence or Photo or Customer Number from Roads & Maritime Services (RMS)


All potential students are required to read and sign NSW police P1016 declaration about Acknowledgement of Ground For Refusal of Security Licence (such as convictions, or finding of guilt, for certain declared offences and considerations such as whether the person is fit and proper to hold security licence).



Language Literacy and Numeracy Test


You will be required to undertake SLED approved English Language, Literacy and Numeracy (LLN) test, prior to course commencement on the first day of the course.

If you are unable to successfully complete the English literacy requirements, we will refer you to remedial course.

If you are not confident with your LLN abilities we strongly recommend to visit us personally prior to the commencement of course. Full Refunds are available if you enrolled and failed to meet the LLN requirements.


Delivery Method and Duration of Course


Full-Time Course: One Hundred two  (102) hours of classroom study, conducted in a supervised, face to face environment; for two (2) weeks, Monday – Friday. This includes all learning and,  assessment tasks.

Course Time Table:

First Week:

Monday to Friday- 08:00 – 19:00

Second Week:

Monday to Friday -08:00 – 19:00


We also run this course over the weekends for more details contact Vigil Training College

Assessment Method


Candidates will be assessed through a range of methods including subject quizzes, case studies, report-writing, open book exams, role-plays and practical assessments throughout the course.

A Final Closed Book Exam consisting of short and multiple choice questions and answers will be conducted at the end of the course. Students will not be permitted to talk or seek assistance from other students while undertaking Exam.


First Aid Certificate Requirements


This the requirement of the SLED (Security Licensing and Enforcement Directorate) that the candidates wishing to obtain NSW Security License in class 1A and 1C must also successfully complete training in HLTFA311A Apply first aid or HLTAID003 Provide first aid unit of competency prior to applying to the SLED for a Security Licence.

Vigil offers HLTAID003 Provide first aid training in other training programs within our Registered Training Organisation (RTO). We do not offer this qualification as part of this course. The students completing HLTAID003 Provide first aid training with our RTO will automatically achieve credit transfer

Students who already have a current valid statement of attainment in Apply First Aid unit completed from other RTO’s can apply to obtain credit transfer in this unit. To obtain credit transfer (see: detailed Credit Transfer Policy in Student Handbook), please provide the certified copies of the statement of attainment at least five (5) working days prior to completion of the course.




Successfully completing fourteen units of competency of Class 1AC Security Licensing course and fulfilling the requirements of HLTFA311A Apply first aid:


  • CPPSEC2001A Communicate effectively in the security industry
  • CPPSEC2002A Follow workplace safety procedures in the security industry
  • CPPSEC2003B Work effectively in the security industry
  • CPPSEC2004B Respond to security risk situation
  • CPPSEC2005A Work as part of a security team
  • CPPSEC2006B Provide security services to clients
  • CPPSEC2009A Give evidence in court
  • CPPSEC2010A Protect safety of persons
  • CPPSEC2011B Control access to and exit from premises
  • CPPSEC2012A Monitor and control individual and crowd behaviour
  • CPPSEC2014A Operate basic security equipment
  • HLTFA311A Apply first aid (see first aid requirement)
  • CPPSEC3002A Manage conflict through negotiation
  • CPPSEC2015A Patrol premises
  • TLIE2007A Use communication systems

The students will be awarded qualification CPP20212 Cert II in Security Operations with above-mentioned units and record of the result.


Applying for NSW Security License

After successful completion of NSW Security Licence Training Course, the students will be able to apply for NSW Security License. However, the applicants for security licences can also lodge their application prior to completing any required training and assessment. If this is the case you can choose to provide the evidence of attained competencies within 42 days after lodging their application.

After successfully lodging your application you will receive a fingerprint & palm-print advice which you need to book an appointment with your local police station.

Usually, you receive your Security License within twenty-one days after your fingerprints. Once you receive your Security License you can start working as the security guard under a security master license holder. For more details please check the SLED website: http://www.police.nsw.gov.au/


Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)


Candidates, please note that Vigil Training College does not assess student’s competencies through RPL in this course. However, VIGIL will seek approval from the SLED





There are many career options within the Security Sector – from providing security guarding and crowd control services, to airport passenger screening, to designing and installing networked surveillance systems or managing a major security organisation.

The students successfully completing Class 1AC Security licensing course will achieve attainment in fourteen (14) units of competency from CPP007 Property Training package, these units are also used in other qualifications; candidates seeking to complete those courses can achieve recognition/exemptions in units which they have achieved already.


Attendance Requirements


If a student withdraws from or leaves a course before completion of the suggested learning hours, they are not permitted to undertake assessment tasks of the course. They must re-join a future course to complete the missed learning hours and assessment tasks before being permitted to undertake the Closed Book Exam.

For students, this means that absences from the course will require missing time to be made up at a future course thereby delaying issuance of qualification or statement of attainment and procurement of a security licence.

If a student does not attend the first day of the course, they are not permitted to complete the course and must enrol in a future course.


Fees and Charges


The fee for Class 1AC Security Licensing Course is free of GST, Include Student Manuals, Administration fee.

All discounts and special rates apply as published on our website. An administration fee of $100 is required to book the course. For discounts and special offers Click Here.


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