RSA Training Courses in Sydney

Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) training is a uniquely designed training for providers, servers, sellers and even consumers of alcohol. The main aim of this training is to make sure that alcohol consumption doesn’t lead to inappropriate behaviour at the public places or at the establishment where alcohol was served. With proper training and awareness drink driving, underage drinking, intoxication can be avoided. This training can easily create a difference between the people which enjoy alcohol responsibly and other who landed in trouble due to same. The length of this training could vary between 2 hours to 6 hours as per the content and the trainer. The purpose remains minimization of harm to the public and public property that can happen from alcohol consumption.

Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) is a mandatory training for anyone who is involved in serving Alcohol in one or another way. This makes it mandatory for all bartenders, wait-staff, airline staff etc. to have this training throughout the country. The format and duration of training vary from state to state in the country. Some states accept the online format of the RSA training course while some have the concept of distance learning as well. One can always debate on which format is good — the online or classroom training.

RSA training is basically the Duty of Care of the establishments serving alcohol to its patrons and it’s intended to create a sense of responsibility among staff and bartenders of these premises to ensure that the alcohol is consumed in proper limit and manner at the premises. The aim is not intended for the specific case of scenario but also to provide guidelines to individuals serving alcohol at the premises to choose among different options while dealing with patrons. RSA training also provides awareness of legislative and legal aspects of the alcohol consumption.

There are many institutes which provide RSA training in Sydney. Some of the institutes are as follows:

  • Vigil Training Institute
  • William Angliss Institute
  • Edway Training
  • TCP Training

The cost of the training could cost between 100 AUD to 150 AUD depending upon the institute and course. The individual seeking the training is expected to bring the photo identity like passport, driving license, student card etc. Also, the individual is advised to arrive 15-20 minutes earlier than the scheduled time of training to complete the paperwork and other preparations. With the completion of training user usually get the following:

  • Office of Liquor, Gaming and Racing (OLGR NSW) Certificate
  • Nationally Recognised Statement of Attainment
  • Plastic wallet size card (will be mailed by OLGR NSW)