NSW Security Licensing Course Class 1AC

[CPP20218 Cert II in Security Operations]

Who needs to do this course?

 [This course addresses the academic requirements for Class 1AC Security Licence Course (NSW). If you are looking to get security licence in any other state then contact the relevant state before enrolment.]

The course is suitable for people looking to obtain their NSW Class 1AC Security Licence and to work as a Security Officer. These security officer roles can include static guarding, patrolling, loss prevention, and crowd controllers.

NSW Security Class 1A Unarmed Guards: holders of this license class can perform various security officer duties, such as static, mobile patrol, watch and protect property, loss prevention including cash in transit without a guard dog or firearm.

NSW Security Licence Class 1C Crowd Controller: holders of this license can perform the duties of a crowd controller on licensed premises, keeping order at a public place by screening the entry of people, monitoring or controlling the behaviour of people or removing people from the place.

The course is a mandatory requirement for all new entrants to the NSW Security Industry.

Note: Please note there is no qualification required to obtain NSW Class 1E or 2B or 2C licence.

Pre-requisites required for NSW Security Licensing Course

There are no formal educational requirements for this program.

However, Security Licensing & Enforcement Directorate (SLED) requires that the candidates must have completed the following prior to enrolment in this course.

  • SLED Mandated Language, Literacy and Numeracy (LLN) Assessment
  • HLTAID003 Provide first aid course prior to enrolment in this course

Do I need to undertake language literacy and numeracy (LLN) test?

You are required to undertake SLED Mandated Language, Literacy and Numeracy (LLN) Assessment, prior to enrolment in the course.

This test can be completed prior to enrolment at our Head Office between 9 am – 2 pm, Monday – Friday, or by making an appointment.

The cost of appearing in the LLN test is FREE.

If you fail to meet the minimum LLN skills required to undertake this course, you will be referred to an external provider to help with your LLN skills.

Why do I need a First Aid Certificate?

SLED requires that the candidates wishing to enrol in the NSW Security License in class 1AC have completed HLTAID003 Provide first aid (First Aid), prior to enrolment into the course. HLTAID006 Provide advanced first aid is also accepted.

The unit of competency HLTAID003 Provide First Aid is a core unit of the qualification in CPP20212 Certificate II in Security Operations.

We offer First Aid Training in other training programs at Vigil. The students completing First Aid training with us will automatically receive a credit transfer.

Students who already completed this training from another RTO can apply to obtain credit transfer in this unit. To obtain credit transfer see: detailed Credit Transfer Policy in Student Handbook.

Evidence of Identity requirements:

100 points of original Photo ID is required to enrol, as mentioned in SLED’s Student Evidence of Identity Requirements document attached with your student’s enrolment pack. For more details about 100 points Photo ID check the SLED website or contact us.

Am I eligible to get NSW Security Licence? 

You must satisfy the following criteria to be granted the NSW Security Licence:

  • 18 years of age or over
  • Australian/New Zealand citizen or permanent Australian resident or hold a visa that entitles you to work in Australia (a student or working holiday visa are unacceptable).
  • Have a valid Driver’s Licence, Photo Card or Customer Number from NSW Roads & Maritime Services
  • Able to provide a police certificate from each country you have lived in for 12 months or more, over the past 10 years since turning 16. This is only required if you are not an Australian citizen or Permanent resident
  • Have successfully completed any required training and assessment (i.e. the security license course)
  • You are a fit and proper person to hold the class of licence sought; and
  • You are competent to carry out the activities of a security guard.

Student looking to enrol in the Security Course are required to read and sign the NSW police P1016 declaration about the Acknowledgement of Ground for Refusal of Security Licence (such as convictions, or finding of guilt, for certain declared offences and considerations such as whether the person is fit and proper to hold security licence).

Note: We are not CRICOS registered and do not enrol International Students Visa Holders in this course.

What is the duration of the course? Can I complete it online?

Course Duration and Method of Delivery:

Course Timetable: Monday – Friday, fifteen (15) days daily 8 am to 5.00 pm, including 1-hour breaks.

The course is delivered as a blended program, which requires both classroom-based study and self-study. Classroom study consists of 120.0 hours and is conducted in a supervised, face to face environment over fifteen (15) days.


The course requires 40-45 hours of dedicated self-study and completion of formative assessment. The aim of the self-study is to provide you with a better understanding of the course. On completion of your enrolment, you will receive course material and a workbook. These workbooks must be completed prior to attending the classroom-based sessions. 

How would I be assessed?

You will be assessed through a range of assessment methods including knowledge-based quizzes, case studies, report-writing, role-plays assessments throughout the course.

How can I get the NSW Security Licence?

After successful completion of the NSW Security Licensing Training, students will be able to apply for their NSW Security License. Students must include the relevant documents with their licence application while applying for NSW security license corresponding to the licence subclass.

After successfully lodging your application you will receive fingerprint & palm-print advice, which you will need to book an appointment with your local police station for completion.

If you have correctly completed your application and do not have a criminal history, generally, you can expect to receive your ‘Photograph Advice’ letter within approximately six weeks of having your fingerprints taken.

If further information is required by the department, or if you are an ex-police officer, the process may take longer.

Once you receive your Security License you can start working as a security guard under a security master license holder.

For more details please check SLED’s website

Can I get the Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)?

No, please note there is no RPL in this course as per SLED’s regulatory requirements.

Can I get the Credit Transfer?

You can get credit transfer if you had attained all units of competency contained in a Course cluster with a current Approved Organisation in accordance with the SLED regulatory requirements, on or after 1 July 2020.

Can I get any learning exemption?

You can get exemption in learning from a cluster (but not the assessment) if you have achieved all the units of competency from that cluster with a currently approved organisation after 1 May 2013, but before 1 July 2020 or after 1 July 2020 with any other organisation.

What are job pathways in the security industry?

  • Security officer – unarmed guard
  • Security officer – crowd controller

What are the study pathways in the security industry?

  • Armed guard
  • Cash-in-transit
  • Close Personal Protection
  • Control room operations
  • Guard Dog Handling

 Where can I do the NSW Security Licence course Class 1AC?

Vigil Training College offers NSW Security Licence Class 1AC Course at Parramatta, We may run this course in NSW regional areas like Wollongong, Newcastle, Dubbo, Bathurst, Albury, Wagga Wagga. For dates at these locations, check our course calendar or contact us.

What are the attendance requirements?

The learning and assessment hours of each cluster must be completed, to attain competency in that cluster. Students must complete all the four clusters mentioned above.

100% attendance is required, any students absent from the course will require missing time to be made up at a future course, thereby delaying the issuance of qualification or statement of attainment and procurement of a security licence.

What is the dress code?

You must dress in smart casual attire and maintain good personal hygiene, throughout the course.

The course assesses your overall dress and presentation while performing role-plays, as per the standards required by the security industry.

What is the course structure and awards?

Upon successfully completing the course, you will be awarded thirteen units of competency. Along with the completion of HLTAID003 Provide First Aid, you will be awarded a total of 14 competencies for your qualification in CPP20218 Cert II in Security Operations.

These competencies have been clustered into 4 categories, as per below:

Cluster Competencies
1.Security Industry Fundamentals CPPSEC2102 – Apply legal and procedural requirements to work effectively within a security team
CPPSEC2103 – Apply WHS, emergency response and evacuation procedures to maintain security

CPPSEC2104 – Apply risk assessment to select and carry out response to security risk situations

2.   Patrol, Monitor and Screen

CPPSEC2107 – Patrol premises to monitor property and maintain security

CPPSEC2109 – Monitor and control access and exit of persons and vehicles from premises

CPPSEC2108 – Screen people, personal effects and items to maintain security

3.   Protect Self and Others CPPSEC2106 – Protect self and others using basic defensive techniques.
4.   Manage Behaviour of Others

CPPSEC2101 – Apply effective communication skills to maintain security

CPPSEC2110 – Monitor and control individual and crowd behaviour to maintain security

CPPSEC2111 – Apply security procedures to manage intoxicated persons

CPPSEC2112 – Apply security procedures to remove persons from premises

CPPSEC2113 – Escort and protect persons and valuables

CPPSEC2105 – Provide quality services to a range of security clients

How and where can I enrol to do NSW Security Licence course Class 1AC?

You can enrol in any of the following ways:

Online Enrolment:

You can enrol and pay online. Visit our website and follow the enrolment procedure.

By Phone:

Call us on 0423 512 279 or 02 8677 9062 to discuss the enrolment steps.

For further information or Assistance:

Please contact Vigil Training College at:

PH:  0423 521 279/02 8677 9062

Address:  Level – 1 Suite – 102, 22 Hunter Street, Parramatta, NSW. 2150



Note: We are not CRICOS registered and do not enrol International Students Visa Holders in this course.

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