SITHGAM001 Provide responsible gambling services

 What is Responsible Conduct of Gambling (RCG) course?

Vigil Training College offers a Nationally Recognised training program that meets the requirements of SITHGAM001 Provide responsible gambling services, and the Liquor & Gaming NSW. The course is known as Responsible Conduct of Gambling course (RCG).

Who needs to do RCG training course?

The Responsible Conduct of Gambling (RCG) is the foundation mandatory training on responsible gambling for hoteliers, secretary managers, Gaming Attendant, Casino Dealer, Gaming Cashier, Security Guard and all other staff who will have gaming machine related functions to have completed the NSW Responsible Conduct of Gambling course (RCG).

What are prerequisites for RCG training course?

There are no formal educational requirements for this program. Students must be 18 years of age or over. However, the training package mandates that all participants seeking admission in the course have sufficient literacy skills.

Note: We are not CRICOS registered and do not enroll International Students Visa Holders in this course.

What are ‘Language Literacy & Numeracy’ requirements for RCG?

All training and assessments are conducted in English, and the training package mandates that all participants seeking admission in the course have sufficient literacy skills:

  • problem gambling signage
  • general information and brochures
  • industry or regulatory codes of conduct
  • in-house policies and procedures
  • plain English regulatory and advisory information issued by local, state and territory gambling licensing authorities
  • Numeracy skills to explain basic information about chances of winning and probability.
We will attempt to support you with some assistance with English, such as providing verbal assessments in English, however, should your needs for support or assistance exceed our skills; we will refer you to a suitable organisation to assist you further this may be TAFE.

What competencies will I achieve during the RCG training program?

  • NSW Gaming Machines Act 2001 and Gaming Machines Regulation 2002
  • How these laws affect employees of licensed premises
  • Provide responsible service of gambling
  • Provide information and assistance to customers about problem gambling

What will be the duration & method of delivery of RCG training course?

The training program is conducted entirely in a classroom setting for a duration of at least 6.0 hours (Excluding 30 minutes break)

What will be the assessment methods for RCG Course?

Participants are assessed using underpinning knowledge and skills through written short question and answer knowledge-based assessment, role play, case studies and problem-solving activities. Students are permitted to refer to training manual and classroom notes during the assessment.

What is ‘Photo Competency Card’ and how to get it?

Once students obtained their interim certificate they need to apply to obtain Photo Competency Card from Liquor & Gaming NSW  from Services NSW and have it processed and mailed to them. Students need to take with them a valid hundred points photo ID and their interim certificate while applying for Photo Competency Card

For more details about Photo Competency Card and 100 points Photo ID check the Liquor & Gaming NSW website https://www.liquorandgaming.nsw.gov.au/ at or contact Vigil Training College.

Can I get Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) for RCG course?

We offer RPL in SITHGAM201 Provide Responsible Gambling Services course. Candidates seeking the RPL of this course please see details into the Students Handbook about the RPL process.

What are qualification pathways after RCG Training course?

The unit of competency in this course (SITHGAM001 Provide responsible gambling services) is a requirement in some Hospitality courses involving the service of gambling and as such allows for credit transfer into those courses.

What are the course fee and other charges for RCG Training course?

The course fee is free of GST and includes $41 OLGR’ s Competency Card Fee and course material. The full fee of the course should be paid in advance. For discounts and special offers Click Here.

What do I need to bring on the day of training?

Please bring Photo ID on the day of class to confirm your identification.

What units of competency will I achieve after the RCG training course?

After the successful completion of the course the students will receive:

  • A Statement of attainment in the unit SITHGAM001 Provide responsible gambling services issued by Vigil Training College; and
  • An Interim Certificate provided by Liquor & Gaming NSW to be issued by Vigil Training College.

How can I enrol?

You can enrol in our courses Online Enrolment: You can enrol and pay online. Visit our website www.vigiltrainingcollege.nsw.edu.au and follow the enrolment procedure.

Phone/ Fax/Email: Call us at PH: 0423521279 or 02 8677 9062 to obtain the course information pack or alternatively download the information pack from our website. Fill the form and send back to us along with all the relevant documents through email/fax/post or drop in to submit it.

For further information or Assistance Please Contact Vigil Training College

Note: We are not CRICOS registered and do not enroll International Students Visa Holders in this course.

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